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If we are to become the Civil Service described by the vision we must continue to work in this way. Skilled people -no the aim of the civil service is, as stated by a previous minister is the "right staff at the minimum cost " Great places to work-if you wish to spend thousands annually to commute to new offices , as your building leases with tax avoiding landlords cease.. writing a dissertation or thesis proposal I think it is about time that somebody some where took a reality check. OK, yes the world is changing - but not everyone is moving with it.

At some point in the future my motivation may permenantly leave me , which is a shame as I do my best inspite of the current situation. Comment by Paul posted on on 27 September Comment by Freetalk posted on on 20 June This is indeed a positive vision moving forward, and a set of values that I will enjoy upholding.

I think however the comments from Steve above underline why us "oldies" are so bitter. Comment by Sally Smith posted on on 28 June From the comments it seems like a really interesting document. service essay writing topics in english for interview Comment by Smoggy posted on on 24 October

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Did you consult BAME staff on this issue prior to launching this vision? Comment by Lesley Ennin posted on on 13 September A mirage in my view. Out of interest, what evidence source are you using. Creating a truly inclusive environment.

Improved Outcomes We have been getting so sophisticated we have turned inwards. Morale is the lowest I have ever seen. Making sure all staff earn the same salary and contribute the same towards required working patterns will, in my eyes, make the DWP a great place to work. Comment by Orla Murphy posted on on 17 June In my experience of government and the public sector, a drive to deliver "open, modern workplaces" translates to extremely noisy workplaces with increased unprofessional behaviour.

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Comment by William MoD posted on on 05 July Comment by Anna posted on on 22 July No 4. Members of the senior management team with no experience of any of the work done by staff earning inflated salaries and bonuses whilst urging the rank and file not to strike for better pay? From the comments it seems like a really interesting document. best buy research paper gain Morale in some areas of the Civil Service is very high but overall, it is very low, and this is amongst E1 and E2 grades who earn terribly low wages which are abysmal and do not reflect the hard work which is done daily.

Comment by John posted on on 17 June A brilliant civil service? Has anyone asked the IT illiterate old age pensioner at number 63, or the unemployed young person with no money for a smartphone or tablet and who might need support from face to face contact with people.

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This will be detrimental to most public servants except for those at the very top. Comment by Mark posted on on 22 June Skilled People A joke for those of us at the lower end of the grading scale. I work in outreach and have met a number of youths who have never used a computer and do not have smartphones. The world is changing.

Comment by Court Clerk posted on on 22 June I have almost 28 years in. Comment by Paul posted on on 27 September Can I respectfully ask - will this new-best-thing-since-slice-bread actually achieve any results and do you believe that it has any hope of the short staffed, reducing pay, disillusioned and demoralised Civil Servants joining in? Comment by Lee posted on on 21 June

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